In the Neighborhood: Forever Yogurt

Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Forever Yogurt

The frozen yogurt craze has hit Chicago in full-force this summer and we’ve got the inside scoop on one of our favorites in the neighborhood.
Forever Yogurt just opened a brand-new location at 2727 N. Clark in Lincoln Park, just south of Diversey. This location is one of 10 in the city of Chicago alone, and we think this particular location right in the heart of Lincoln Park will make it a neighborhood staple in no time.
The space is warm and inviting, with plenty of tables to sit and enjoy your fro-yo and conversation with a friend. Or, with its convenient location, you can take it with you for a walk along the shores of Lake Michigan in Lincoln Park along Diversy Harbor.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Forever Yogurt

Unlike other frozen yogurt shops where the serving size and toppings are regulated, at Forever Yogurt you’re in control. You literally get what you pay for!
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Forever Yogurt
When you walk in you’re greeted by the friendly and helpful staff that will give you the instructions on how everything works. On any given day, there are over a dozen different flavors you can choose from [Forever Yogurt has over 50 flavors in regular rotation!]. You can have a small sample cup if you want to try out a few to find the perfect flavor for your original frozen yogurt creation.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Forever Yogurt
We tried nearly all of them but a few of our favorites were:
Original Tart – the flavor that started it all. The Original Tart lives up to its name. It’s creamy, sweet and has the right amount of lip puckering tartness that will leave you asking for more. It’s low-fat and low-calorie, so if you want to have a guilt-free treat, it’s the way to go!
Mom’s Cake Batter – One of the best parts of childhood had to be when mom would make a cake and she’d let you lick the mixing spoon. Mom’s Cake Batter takes the taste of yellow cake batter and turns it into fro-yo.
Greek Honey – Who doesn’t love Greek Yogurt? Forever Yogurt takes all of the taste and nutrition of Greek Yogurt and combines it with the natural sweetness of honey for a winning taste combination that will keep your personal trainer happy and your sweet tooth satisfied.
Cookies & Cream – This flavor doesn’t need much of an introduction but loaded with crunchy chocolate cookies and creamy yogurt, this one was a winner with all of our team.
At Forever Yogurt, all of the machines have two flavors per machine with an option for you to swirl them together, so you can try incredible combinations like Angel Food Cake and Very Strawberry.
Once you pick out your yogurt flavors and fill your cup with however much you want, the real fun begins!
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Forever Yogurt

Forever Yogurt offers toppings galore! Here’s just a short list:
• Andes mint™
• Almonds
• Blueberries
• Boba
• Brownie bites
• Butterfinger™
• Cap n’ Crunch™
• Cappuccino Crunch
• Caramel Turtle Cups
• Cheesecake Bites
• Choc. Covered PB Cookies
• Choc. Covered Pretzels
• Choc. Covered Strawberries
• Choc. Covered Sugar Cones
• Choc. Covered Waffle Cones
• Chocolate Chips
• Chocolate Shavings
• Chocolate Sprinkles
• Cinnamon Toast Crunch™
• Cocoa Pebbles™
• Cookie Crisps
• Cookie Dough Bites
• Dark Raspberry Cups
• Fizzy Crackling Candy™
• Frosted Animal Crackers™
• Fruity Pebbles™
• Graham Crackers
• Granola
• Grape Jelly
• Gummy Bears
• Gummy Fish
• Gummy Worms
• Heath™ Bar
• Honey
• Hot Caramel
• Hot Fudge
• Kiwi
• M&M’s™
• Mango
• Marshmallows
• Melted Marshmallow
• Mochi
• Nerds™
• Nilla Wafers
• Oreo™
• Peach Rings
• Peanuts
• Pecans
• Rainbow Sprinkles
• Raspberries
• Reese’s™ Cups
• Reese’s™ Pieces
• Shredded Coconut
• S’mores Crunch™
• Sno-Caps™
• Strawberries
• Strawberry Jelly
• Sugar Cones
• Yogurt Chips
…much more!


You can load up on as many of the toppings as you like — just remember you get what you pay for — and then head to the register to get your concoction weighed and paid for!
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Forever Yogurt
Forever Yogurt is creamy and delicious, and depending on which toppings you choose, is very healthy!
In addition to yogurt, Forever Yogurt also offers soft drinks and coffee.
We could go on FOREVER about how much we love Forever Yogurt, but do yourself a favor and try it for yourself!
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Forever Yogurt

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