Decorate Your Apartment for Spring with These Hypoallergenic Flowers

hypoallergenic flowers

As we approach the official start of spring, many of us want to bring some of the beauty inside our apartments with floral bouquets. But for allergy sufferers, fresh blooms mean sniffles, scratches, and sneezes. The good news is that not all flowers affect allergy sufferers equally. The key is choosing flowers with low pollen (or pollen that can’t become airborne), as that’s the real culprit of allergy symptoms. Here are our suggestions for hypoallergenic flowers to decorate your home with this spring.

Chicago Apartments, Orchid Houseplants


We probably don’t need to convince you that orchids add elegance to any home. Their beauty tends to speak for itself. Orchids are also naturally low in pollen count, making them a friend to allergy sufferers.

Chicago Apartments, Rose Houseplants


You can’t go wrong with roses. Everyone’s favorite flower is a no-brainer for those looking for hypoallergenic floral varieties. Their pollen particles are large, so they’re unable to get into the air and stuff up your nose.

Hypoallergenic Flowers


Hydrangeas are ubiquitous with spring, and fortunately, they’re low on pollen. They’re also an affordable option for adorning your space with fresh blooms.

Chicago Apartments, Carnation Houseplants


Colorful carnations are the telltale sign that spring has sprung. They lack the pollen-filled-center many flowers boast, making them a better option for allergy sufferers.

Hypoallergenic Flowers


Snapdragons may evoke childhood memories of pinching the petals and making the little “dragons talk.” That’s reason enough to have them in your home, but in case you needed another, they’re also low on pollen. If you’re an allergy sufferer, a bouquet of snapdragons is an ideal option.

hypoallergenic flowers


Last on our list of hypoallergenic flowers are tulips, another flower that symbolizes the start of spring. Like many spring flowers, tulips are “self-pollinating,” and they’re low in pollen. Tulips come in a variety of bold, gorgeous colors and varieties, so you’ll have lots of options to choose from.


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