Allergic to Cats? Consider These Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

hypoallergenic cat breeds

Are you allergic to cats? If you have a cat allergy but still have your heart set on adopting a cat, all hope is not lost. It’s still possible for you to become a proud cat parent without all the sneezing and scratchy eyes. For those of us with allergies, hypoallergenic cats are a good alternative to traditional kitties. Here are some hypoallergenic cat breeds to consider.

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds


Perhaps the most well-known hypoallergenic cat, Sphinxes are famous hairless kitties. Needless to say, they don’t shed at all. You probably either love Sphinxes or hate them, there’s rarely any in-between. If you’re a fan of their hairless look, consider adopting one of these energetic, intelligent cats.

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rexes have a thin layer of down fur. While most cats have three layers of fur, these cats only have one. Sometimes referred to as the “Greyhound” of cats due to their svelte physique, these kitties are playful and friendly, making them great companions for anyone.

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Russian Blue

Next on our list of hypoallergenic cat breeds is the Russian Blue, a stunning grey cat with a super thick, soft grey coat. They’re known to follow their owners everywhere and are very affectionate. Also, Russian Blues are smart and need stimulation. If you bring one home, be sure to provide toys.

hypoallergenic cat breeds


Siamese cats are considered “extroverts” by their beloved owners. These social kitties are also pretty loud, so beware before bringing one home. But we bet you won’t mind their cute meows. With their beautiful markings and blue eyes, they’re also some of the prettiest pets.

Hypoallrgenic Cat Breeds


Burmese cats prefer to be solo, so they can have you all to themselves. Don’t plan on getting two. As kittens, Burmese are typical, with high energy and playfulness. As they age, they tend to become pretty lazy. So if it’s a lap cat you’re looking for, look no further than this stocky, hypoallergenic breed.

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