How You Can Help During The COVID-19 Crisis

How You Can Help During The COVID-19 Crisis

We’re experiencing an unprecedented time in history right now. So many of us are struggling personally or watching loved ones struggle. We all want to feel like we’re helping, but it can be tough to know how to turn those well-intentioned thoughts into actions. So, we decided to do some research on how you can help during the COVID-19 crisis to connect you with resources that are doing good during this pandemic. You don’t need to leave your apartment to make a difference. Stay safe and well, everyone.

How You Can Help During The COVID-19 Crisis

How You Can Help During The COVID-19 Crisis

Donate Masks and Medical Supplies

Medical workers are on the front lines during the coronavirus outbreak. But they’re struggling due to a severe shortage in masks and medical supplies. If you happen to have your own masks on hand, Mask Match allows you to “send your masks to healthcare workers without leaving your house.” MedSupplyDrive is a nonprofit helping to get medical supplies to workers. You can also donate money to the organization Masks For Docs.

Donate To A Local Food Bank

Food and paper goods have been flying off the shelves for weeks now. That means less food is available to those who may be struggling to purchase it or find it. To help out, locate a local food bank and donate non-perishable food items. Feeding America makes it easy to find food banks in your area.

Support Local Businesses

One of the easiest ways to help during COVID-19 is to continue supporting local businesses. Restaurants and bars across the country have had to close their doors to dine-in service, but many are still offering takeout and delivery. If you want to support the people behind those businesses, and help them stay open during this pandemic and beyond, buy a meal or two at your favorite spots — and be extra generous with your tips, too. There’s no better reason to treat yourself to your favorite takeout this weekend. Purchasing gifts cards for future use is another way to help.

Write A Letter To An Elderly Person

The elderly population is considered to be at high risk for the coronavirus. As a result, nursing homes have shut their doors to visitors. While older people, many of whom struggle with disabilities, are already isolated, the pandemic has amplified this issue. You can help by writing a letter to an elderly person. A small gesture of a letter will hopefully bring them some joy and make them feel less alone during this difficult time. Join the movement of #PandemicPals and contact a local facility to see how you can write a letter to someone in need of a friend. You can also get matched with a senior by filling out this simple form from the Senior Pen Pal Project.


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