How to stop hitting snooze and get more out of your day

One thing I always have a problem with when it starts getting colder is leaving the comfort of my warm cozy bed. The snooze button and I are on a (very) personal level and lately I’ve had to go to some extreme measures to make sure I get out of bed on time. If you are also a victim of the snooze button, check out some of the ideas below for making the most of your morning:
• Put your alarm clock across the room. We’ve all heard it before, it’s nothing earth shattering but some days it helps me. Other days I go get my phone from across the room and take it with me back to my bed.
• Set your coffee pot to auto-brew. This may not be news to you either but when I found out my coffee pot could brew all by itself by setting an alarm, my mind was blown. It’s also much easier to get out of bed with the smell of coffee already wafting through my apartment in the morning.

• Exercise in the Morning. If you are able to (somehow) get out of bed, exercising in the morning can really help you wake up and feel energized. The more productive you feel in the morning the better tone you set for the day ahead. Some of the most successful people wake up early and are productive. See here for proof:

• Wake up to a warm apartment. Sometimes it’s nice to sleep when it’s cold and bundle up in a bunch of blankets, but the cold does exactly the opposite for getting out of bed. Getting out of bed into a cold apartment is maybe one of the most terrible parts of the morning, do yourself a favor a turn on some heat.

• Set an alarm that you’re happy to wake up to. Choose your favorite song and give yourself a dance party in the morning… because, why not? From personal experience, anything Beyonce usually does the trick.

• Wake up at the same time every day. The more you condition your body to get up at a certain time, the easier it will get (or so I’m told).

• If all else fails: if you’re desperate, consider investing in one of these absolutely genius inventions:

Good Luck!

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