How to Spend Halloween at Home

how to spend halloween at home, lake shore drive apartments

The spookiest night of the year is almost here. But as we all know by now, Halloween is going to be different this time around. While that’s not ideal for all you party goblins out there, we think there’s something to be said for “spending a quiet evening at home” (Who gets this Hocus Pocus reference?). Truthfully, hanging out at your apartment can be a super fun way to spend the holiday. If you need some help figuring out how to make the most of your night in your apartment, we can help: Here’s our best advice on how to spend Halloween at home. If you want to make it a real night to remember, try to fit in as many of these activities as you can. We dare you.

How to Spend Halloween at Home

Read a Scary Story

What better time to curl up with a creepy book than on Halloween night? This is the time to dig into something scary. Edgar Allen Poe stories are fun to revisit when you’re in the mood for something spooky. And, of course, there’s always Stephen King’s terrifying novels. If you remember those “Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark” books as a kid, now is a great time to revisit them for nostalgia’s sake. You can check out the movie while you’re at it, too, which brings us to our next suggestion…

Watch Horror Movies

If you’re spending Halloween night in your apartment, you should plan to binge on your favorite horror movies. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO all have good options available. The only hard part is picking which one to watch first, and our Netflix horror movie roundup can help.

how to spend halloween at home, lake shore drive apartments

How to Spend Halloween at Home: Carve Pumpkins

Carve (Or Decorate) Pumpkins

Halloween night is your last chance to carve or decorate pumpkins this season. It also makes for a fun way to spend All-Hallows-Eve at home. If you’re into traditional jack-o-lanterns, check out our pumpkin carving hacks here. Or, if you want to branch out a bit with you pumpkin crafting, check out our post on unique pumpkin decorating ideas right here.

Get (Witch) Crafty

Another fun way to spend Halloween at home is to try some spooky craft projects. These DIY graveyard terrariums are just one idea. We also shared a few other DIY Halloween project recommendations in an earlier blog post. And if you need more inspiration, there’s always Pinterest.

lake shore drive apartments

How to Spend Halloween at Home: Bake Something

Bake Something Spooky-Good

While “spooky season” is on its way out, the baking season is just getting started. Halloween night is a great time to  test a recipe you’ve been wanting to make. Check out some of these healthier pumpkin baking recipes we’ve previously posted here. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, all is not lost — we’ve got a list of some delicious gluten-free dessert recipes, too.

How to Spend Halloween at Home

How to Spend Halloween at Home: Sip on Fall Drinks

Treat Yourself to Some Fall Drinks

This year, spend Halloween at home sipping fall-inspired cocktails. Whether you prefer warm, mulled drinks or boozy cold cocktails, we’ve got an autumnal drink recipe for your that’s perfecting for imbibing on All Hallow’s Eve.

How to Spend Halloween at Home: Party with Your Pet

How to Spend Halloween at Home: Party with Your Pet

Party with Your Pet

Spending Halloween with your pet this year? Make it a memorable one by dressing up your cat or dog in a costume. However, we can’t stress this enough — don’t go overboard here! You can purchase a festive bandana or some holiday “ears” for your pet to temporarily wear, but if they aren’t comfortable with small accessories, take them off as soon as possible. Every cat and dog responds differently to costumes, so you’ll have to see if your pet is comfortable playing dress-up or not. Don’t force it! If you’ll be spending time with your kitty, don’t miss these games to play with your cat.

virtual halloween party

How to Spend Halloween at Home: Throw a Virtual Halloween Party

Throw a Virtual Halloween Party

You don’t have to forgo spending Halloween with your friends this year. Check out our guide on how to throw a virtual Halloween party here.

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