How To Keep Your Pets Safe In Hot Weather

Chicago Apartments, Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer is fast-approaching, and many of us couldn’t be more excited for warm weather. But summer comes with some risks, too, particularly for our pets. Heat can lead to unfortunate health problems for both dogs and cats. Some potential risks include overheating, dehydration and even sunburn. The good news is that there are preventative measures you can take to keep your pets safe in hot weather. Here’s our guide to keeping your cats and dogs cool all summer long.

Chicago Apartments, Pets in Hot Weather

Prevention Is Key

To keep your pets safe in hot weather, prevention is key. Start the summer off on a safe foot by bringing your pet to the vet at the beginning of the season. A trip to your pet’s vet will help ensure that any underlying issues are addressed before the heat and humidity kick in. Extreme heat can exacerbate existing health conditions, so it’s best to identify and treat any issues before it’s too late.

Chicago Apartments, Pets in Hot Weather

Provide Plenty Of Water

One of the biggest risks that heat poses to pets is dehydration. Just like with us humans, prolonged exposure to heat will cause animals’ water and electrolyte levels to become depleted. Extreme dehydration can have a negative effect on organs, and if prolonged, can lead to serious consequences, even death. To prevent this from happening, be sure to always provide clean, fresh water for your pet at all times. If you aren’t home during the day and are worried about your pet running out of water, you can purchase a pet water dispenser, like this one.

Symptoms to look out for are panting, sunken eyes, lethargy, weakness, lack of appetite, and loose, wrinkled skin. If you suspect that your pet may be dehydrated, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact your vet right away if you notice any of these symptoms.

Chicago Apartments, Pets in Hot Weather

Give Them Shade

Shade is essential to keeping cool in the summer for both pets and humans. If your apartment is flooded with natural light throughout the day, be sure that you’re providing areas for your pet to rest out of the sun’s rays. Invest in some curtains that you can close during the hottest part of your day to help keep your pet cool during those grueling summer afternoons.

In addition to shade, consider purchasing an extra fan or two that your pet can lay next to when they need to cool off. Fans can be especially helpful when you bring your dog back inside after a walk on a hot day, which brings us to our next point…

Chicago Apartments, Pets in Hot Weather

Keep Your Walks Short

In extreme heat, it’s best to keep your walks short and sweet. While exercising your dog is still important, it can become dangerous if they overexert themselves in hot weather. Instead of one long walk or run, try breaking up the walks into shorter intervals. That way, your pup will still be getting enough exercise without prolonged exposure to the heat.

Chicago Apartments, Pets in Hot Weather

Keep Your Pet Groomed

Proper grooming is an essential component of pet care, and it becomes even more vital during the summer months. To help your cat or dog combat the heat, be sure to groom her regularly, which will help her shed her coat and keep cool during the summer. This is especially true for longhair cats or dogs, but even pets with short fur can benefit from a good brushing.

Chicago Apartments, Pets in Hot Weather

Consider Pet Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for us humans. Pets need it sometimes, too! Dogs can get sunburnt from prolonged sun exposure just like we can. For dogs, a sunburn can result in painful, inflamed skin, and even fur loss.

However, that doesn’t mean you should slather your favorite SPF onto your pooch. It’s essential that you find a sunscreen that doesn’t contain zinc oxide, as it can be harmful to dogs. Another common ingredient found in sunscreen, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), can also be harmful to pets. Check out this article for more information on pet sunscreen safety.

Bonus tip for keeping your cat cool: Try making these Cat-sicles!


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