How to Keep Cool this Summer

Chicago Apartments, Summer Activities

Living in Chicago we all know that the weather is unpredictable.
There can be summer days so hot you don’t want to leave your apartment, and other days where a sweatshirt and jeans still doesn’t feel like enough.
Although we complain – you have to admit that those beautiful summer days make this city well worth it.
We’ve put together a list to get you through the hottest of Chicago summer days which are sure to come our way in August.

Paddleboard or Paddleboard Yoga

Chicago Apartments, Summer Activities
Paddle boarding is a great activity for everyone – it requires little athletic ability and allows you to keep cool on the hottest of days. And if you’re not into swimming, as long as you can keep your balance you wont’ end up in the water and you’ll still enjoy a great breeze being out on the lake. The most adventurous can try paddleboard yoga – which has a higher likelihood of you ending up in the lake!

Find a Pool

Chicago Apartments, Summer Activities
If you’re not lucky enough to live in one of PPM’s buildings with a rooftop pool, don’t fret! The Chicago Park District has 26 indoor pools and 50 outdoor pools open for the summer.

Spend the Day at a Brewery

Chicago Apartments, Summer Activities
Chicago is home to many breweries and a day spent in one of these is sure to help you beat the heat: Goose Island, Revolution, Half Acre, Atlas, Haymarket, Broad Shoulders, The Hopleaf, The Map Room, Metropolitan, Rock Bottom, and Piece. There are so many that you might want to make a whole day of brewery hopping!

Visit Crown Fountain

Chicago Apartments, Summer Activities, Crown Fountain
You know that fountain in millennium park with the faces that spits water out and always has little kids running through it? Yeah, that’s called Crown Fountain. Take a blanket, pack a lunch and head there for a nice day spent outside with a great place to cool down when you need it. Going barefoot and splashing around the fountain is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

Take a Segway Tour

Chicago Apartments, Summer Activities, Segway Tour
Yes, they’re dorky. Yes, they’re touristy. But why spend the day sweating with your friends so you can show them around the city? (you know you’ll have at least a few friends you have to show around the city this summer). Instead, take them on a Segway tour and embrace it! Maybe wear fanny packs and really complete the experience.

Spend a day at the Museum

Chicago Apartments, Summer Activities, Museums
This website:
Will tell you all the museums in Chicago that have free museum days and what days are free!! Take advantage and spend the day in the air conditioning exploring. This plan works great for a hot OR rainy day… you know there will be both this summer.

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