How to Host Friendsgiving

Chicago Apartments, Friendsgiving

If you live in a PPM apartment chances are you have a great place to host your friends for a pre-thanksgiving meal… some like to call it, Friendsgiving. We’ve put together a list of things that will make planning your Friendsgiving a success.

Set a Date  

This is tricky. You don’t want Friendsgiving on Thanksgiving because then most people won’t be able to come and do you really want to miss your mom’s cooking? But the holidays are busy so be flexible. Ask your friends for some dates that work and try to make it far enough in advance.


Since you’re the host, you should provide the turkey. Yes, there has to be turkey. And turkey doesn’t have to be hard – you basically just put it in the oven, right? Just remember – thawing an entire turkey actually takes a lot of time, so don’t save this for the day of or even the day before. Call in some reinforcements if you’re not a planner.
Chicago Apartments, Friendsgiving

Okay so say you make the turkey and maybe one other dish. You’re going to be overwhelmed with just that plus getting ready so make it pot-luck style. Create a group text with your friends and have everyone sign up to bring something. That way you’ll know if all the bases are covered.


If you have enough friends, have some bring wine. If there are only a few of you, everyone brings a dish and a bottle! I mean, because its not really a party without the wine. Don’t skip this step. Chicago Apartments, Friendsgiving

Create a playlist

Put together the perfect Thanksgiving playlist. I’m not sure what this entails but there has to be music.

Set the Table

This is where your Pinterest skills are finally used. Get creative. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a lot of things can be homemade. But a set and decorated table is memorable and your guests will love it.Chicago Apartments, Friendsgiving


Thanksgiving is traditionally about family. Take this opportunity to be thankful for you friends and how much they bring to your life. You should absolutely go around the room and say what each of you are thankful for. It will be cheesy and perfect.

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