How To Grow Avocados In Your Apartment

how to grow avocados, lakeview apartments chicago

If you’re new to indoor gardening, the idea of growing your own foods may sound intimidating. That’s why it’s best to begin with a fruit or vegetable that’s fairly easy to grow and maintain. Luckily for all of us, avocados fit into that category. To grow an avocado tree in your apartment, you’ll just need to save the pit and set it up for success. Here’s a step-by-step explanation for how to grow avocados in your apartment.

how to grow avocados, lakeview apartments chicago

How To Grow Avocados In Your Apartment

How To Grow Avocados:

  1. It all starts with a seed. To successfully grow an avocado, begin by removing the pit and cleaning it off. Wash it with water and wipe it dry.
  2. Next, fill a glass with water so it’s just below the brim.
  3. Now, positon the pit so that the broad end is submerged in the water. Press three toothpicks into the pit so that it is suspended in place.
  4. Set the war on a windowsill so it receives plenty of natural light without being in direct sunlight.
  5. Change the water often. You should begin seeing sprouts and a root forming within two to six weeks.
  6. When your stem reaches a height of six or seven inches, cut it back to three inches. This will stimulate more growth.
  7. Once the stem grows back and sprouts leaves again, it’s time to replant it. You’ll want to plant the pit in a 10-inch pot filled with soil.

And that’s it! Now, it’s time to watch your avocado tree grow. Here’s some more advice for taking care of your avocado tree:

  • Be sure your avocado tree always has access to a good amount of indirect sunlight.
  • Avocado trees will not thrive in cold weather. Be sure to keep it indoors during the winter months.
  • Water often, but don’t overdo it. You’ll want the soil to be moist, no wet, and be sure it can drain. If the leaves are turning yellow, take that as a sign to cut back on your watering.
  • Be patient: It can take five to thirteen years to begin seeing fruit on your avocado tree. Yes, that’s a long time to wait. But we say it’s worth it. And in the meantime, you can enjoy your avocado tree’s long, green leaves.
how to grow avocados, lakeview apartments chicago

How To Grow Avocados In Your Apartment

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