How I Found My Dog Friendly Gold Coast Apartment

When I made the decision to move to Chicago to attend law school I knew next to nothing about the city or its neighborhoods. I had a friend who lived in Lakeview in a Planned Property Management building so the management company was on my radar as I began my search for the perfect apartment.
You may think that finding an apartment in Chicago is easy – I mean, there are so many choices and so many neighborhoods. But if you’ve ever had to search for an apartment in the city, you know better. When I began my search I was optimistic. I attend Loyola University School of Law so I decided that living in the Gold Coast and being able to walk to school was a priority. Easy enough right? Let’s also add a dog to the equation. If you’re interested in feeling my pain go ahead and search dog friendly AFFORDABLE apartments in the Gold Coast.

After a number of visits to tiny apartments with no sense of security and no area to let my dog out I realized that my search may need to expand to neighborhoods outside of my desired location. When my friend suggested setting up an appointment with PPM – I decided to check out their website. I saw that 1000 N. LaSalle was not only within walking distance but had its own dog park. Excuse me? Yes. PRIVATE DOG PARK. When I went for a viewing of my future apartment I was sold on the spot. And over a year later, I’m still here.

After signing a lease the first time I thought that maybe after a year I would find somewhere else or want a change of scenery, but I can’t imagine leaving. Living alone for the first time is something that I was nervous about – but living at 1000 N. LaSalle, I have the BEST door staff and I have never felt unsafe. If I come home late and let the dog out, the door person even comes to the back door to make sure I get back in safely. It is so far above and beyond anywhere I’ve ever lived. My dog looks forward to meeting up with his friends in the dog park every morning and evening and I can easily walk to classes every day. Out of curiosity I recently researched dog friendly apartments nearby for the same price that I pay at 1000 N. LaSalle and it only made me love where I live even more. I would refer my building to anyone looking to live in the Gold Coast – especially those with dogs. I feel grateful to have found such a great apartment that not only met all of my requirements but also provided a phenomenal view that my dog takes full advantage of.

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