How Exercise Can Improve Your Life

Chicago Apartments, Exercise Advice

We all know that exercise has major benefits – but we also know how good it feels to skip the gym and eat Oreos on the couch. BOTH of these things feel great sometimes, but we’ve put together a few reasons why exercise will feel better in the long run. Remember that getting out the door is half the battle so start a routine.
• It reduces stress and anxiety: researchers at Princeton (so how could they be wrong?) say that exercise changes your brain chemistry and helps reduce brain activity and minimize anxiety. The study said that people who exercised regularly had a low reaction to stressful situations. I don’t know about you but anything that can reduce my stress sounds good to me.
Chicago Apartments, Exercise Advice
• It boosts your immune system: reduces your risk of serious health conditions, decreases your chance of contracting an illness (like a cold or flu). AND if you do catch a cold, you get rid of it faster if you’re a regular exerciser.
Chicago Apartments, Exercise Advice
• It gets you in the mood: not only is sweat loaded with pheromones but exercise can also lower the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.
Chicago Apartments, Exercise Advice
• It helps you sleep: people who exercise generally tend to fall asleep faster and have a lesser need for sleep-promoting meds.
Chicago Apartments, Exercise Advice
• It can influence your friends and family to get healthier: many times people are inactive because they’re around inactive people or grew up in an inactive lifestyle. If you’re active, chances are at least a few of your friends or family members will become more active too after seeing how it changes your life positively.
Chicago Apartments, Exercise Advice
• It improves body image: regardless of how you look, a great session at the gym or run on the lakeshore will make you feel great. Sometimes, when you know you’ve worked hard it’s easier to look past a few imperfections and really feel great about what your body can do and accomplish.
Chicago Apartments, Exercise Advice
So if exercise can contribute so much to your life, why are there still people who don’t exercise? Some common complaints are that they don’t have time, they don’t know where to start, etc. So here are a few ideas to get around some common complaints:
Chicago Apartments, Exercise Advice
o I don’t have time to exercise:
o Make lunches and dinners a few days beforehand cutting out a lot of prep and cooking time that could be used for exercise.
o Workout before work, although you’re losing sleep it will boost your energy levels.
o Workout while watching your favorite show – killing two birds with one stone.
o I don’t know how or where to start:
o Start by walking around your neighborhood for 30 minutes to an hour, then maybe jog or run.
o Watch some YouTube videos of exercise videos or fitness instruction.
o Take a class (a great way to meet people!)
Make sure to check out our workout videos!
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