Houseplant Habits You Need To Break Right Now

Sometimes it’s better to know what not to do before attempting to master a new skill. This will help to kill old habits, which need to be broken before you can replace them with better ones. When it comes to houseplant care, bad habits are easy to develop. But if you’re able to identify them, you can fix them before integrating better practices into your plant care method. Read on for our best advice on what not to do as a plant parent.

Not Doing Prior Research

It’s easy to fall in love with a cool looking houseplant and be tempted to purchase it based on looks alone. But this is a habit you need to break if you want to be a successful indoor gardener. Growing and caring for plants takes skill and requires a good amount of research along with a healthy dose of trial and error. If you purchase plants based on aesthetics alone without researching how to care for them first, chances are you’ll be mourning them so after. You need to know how to care for a plant before purchasing it to determine if you’ll even be able to give it what it needs to thrive. Put in a little research ahead of time and choose plants that best fit your lifestyle and needs.

Improper Placement

Some plants need tons of sunlight, while others can do well in dim lit areas. Don’t assume you know what’s best for your plant. Instead, place your plants in areas that will allow them to flourish based on their light requirements. If you tend to keep your plants all in the same place, be sure that you’re providing them with the correct amount of light and care. Even if you think you know what it needs based on its behavior, research is always a good idea to be sure you’re placing it in the proper spot.

Improper Watering Schedule

Similarly to improper placement, watering your plants too much or too little is a habit you need to break if you want your plants to survive. It’s easy to assume that water is the answer to everything, and many people over water their houseplants as a result. On the other hand, if their plants appear too moist, people may refrain from watering them altogether. Both of these options can result in a dying plant. Instead, be sure to water each plant based on its own specific needs. Your plants may require varying amounts of water at different times; don’t assume all your pants need the same amount of water.