10 House Plants You Only Need to Water Once Monthly

Not all house plants require the same care. Some are finicky and will only thrive under super-specific conditions. Mastering this balancing act can be tricky, so if you’re not a plant pro yet, it’s best to start out with a low-maintenance option. Here are some house plants you only need to water once a month.

ZZ Plants

ZZ plants are referred to as “un-killable” by fans for good reason. The plant can survive droughts, low-lit rooms, and general neglect. Just water it once a month, and feed it a balanced liquid fertilizer to keep it happy.

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Snake Plants

Snake plants are known for their long striped green leaves that reach towards the sky. These plants can be relatively tall, yet they don’t need much water to survive. In fact, snake plants seem to thrive when they’re pretty much ignored — which is probably partly why they’ve become so popular. Just be sure to water yours on occasion, and allow the soil to dry all the way in between waterings.

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Jade Plants

Next on our list are jade plants (technical succulents), which do well in low-lit spaces and only need watering about once or twice a month. Their rounded green leaves and thick branches give them a cute look that’s beloved by many apartment dwellers. If they aren’t receiving proper care, jade plants will let you know — their leaves begin to wrinkle when the plant is thirsty.

String of Pearls

The String of Pearls plant, another succulent, can be sensitive to overwatering. Keep your plant healthy by watering it once a month during the winter. In the summertime, increase waterings to twice a month. Be sure your plant has access to bright, indirect light.

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Rubber Plants

Rubber plants boast low-maintenance care requirements and an aesthetically pleasing shape. While dormant, they only need water about once a month. Wipe your rubber plant’s leaves off with a cloth once in a while to help keep them looking their best.

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Air Plants

Air plants are some of the easiest house plants to care for and maintain. No soil is required to grow these plants — a spritz of water is all they need to flourish. If you’re just beginning to grow your green thumb, air plants are a great place to start.

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Cast-Iron Plants

Like their namesake, cast-iron plants are sturdy and resilient. These plants can tolerate the toughest of variables, including low light and low humidity. They’d rather be dry than too wet, so you won’t have to worry about watering often.

Aloe Plants

Another house plant that only needs water about once or twice a month is the aloe plant. Aloe only needs water when the soil is completely dry. Brown or yellow leaves may be signs of rot, so if you notice them, cut back on your waterings.


Ponytail Palms

Despite its name, the ponytail palm isn’t actually a palm plant — it’s a succulent. Known best for its unique, hair-like leaves, it’s an eye-catching house plant that’s surprisingly low-maintenance. The plant stores water in its bulbous trunk. When the soil is dry, it’s time to give it some water.



Aloe, jade, and ponytail palms aren’t the only succulents that need little water. Because they store moisture in their leaves and tissues, succulents only need water when their supply runs dry. Some other popular succulents to consider are ox tongues and zebra plants.

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