These Are The Best House Plants For Your Bathroom

house plants for your bathroom

Some plants prefer humid environments, which can pose a problem for apartment dwellers. One way to keep these plant babies happy is to set them up in your bathroom. Thanks to your daily showers, bathrooms are typically warmer and more humid than the rest of your apartment, creating an ideal environment for humidity-loving plants. Not only will your house plants thrive in the bathroom – they’ll spruce up the space, too. In this post, we’ll go over some of the best house plants for your bathroom. Pro tip: Be sure your bathroom has enough natural light for your house plants. If there’s no source of light, you may need to move your plants to a sunny spot daily so they can soak up some rays.

house plants for your bathroom


Philodendrons are well-known for their large, shiny leaves. These plants don’t need much light to thrive, and they do best in humid environments, so bathrooms are an ideal spot for them to live. Be sure to keep your philodendron’s soil moist for best results.

house plants for your bathroom


Orchids are another plant that prefers humidity. They grow in bark instead of soil, and they’ll stay happy if the bark is kept damp. However, it’s important to not overwater them. Orchids naturally grow in tropical climates, so it makes sense that they love steamy, warm bathrooms. A small bathroom window should provide enough light for your orchid to thrive.

house plants for your bathroom


Next on our list is the pothos plant. Although they don’t need a lot of humidity to thrive, pothos plants prefer moderate light, making them a good choice for bathrooms that don’t have access to lots of sunlight. The pothos plant is pretty tolerant, so it’s a great house plant to start with if you’re new to indoor gardening.

house plants for your bathroom


Anthuriums are another house plant that will feel right at home in your bathroom. They love humid weather, and they need it to survive. Unlike the pothos plant, anthuriums can be tricky to care for, so we suggest waiting until you’re a moderately-skilled indoor gardener before bringing one of these babies home.

house plants for your bathroom


Lastly, gardenias make great bathroom house plants. While they’re known to grow well in outside gardens, gardenias can thrive in indoor environments if they have access to enough sunlight and humidity. They need lots of water, too, so keeping them in your bathroom by the sink is extra convenient.

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