Hottest Pad of 2010! TWO BEDROOM WINNER- Becky Z.!

Our winner for best decorated  Two-Bedroom Apartment is Becky from 1111 N. Dearborn. She was very creative in her use of color and furniture pieces. Congratulations, Becky!  We are happy you are so happy here. Some things to note about Becky’s apartment: everything is very well organized, and every item has a home.
{Picture #1} Becky’s unit has one of our updated, cherry cabinet kitchens. She has adorned it with stainless steel accents from her coffee pot to her wall clock, and to her cooking utensils hanging neatly on the wall by the oven.
{Picture #2} Mirrors adorn many of the walls and maintain the feeling of a bright and modern space. She had a sense of humor and had fun with her decorating. Check out the bathroom shower curtain with the CTA el map!
{Picture #3} Becky wanted a unique bedroom headboard and found  a piece that is very important to her in tying her style together. Her friend is an interior designer and helped her find the white, faux-leather upholstered squares which she then assembled on the wall. The white of the headboard is a nice accent to the white, laquered finish on the front of her birch night stands.
{Picture #4} Becky also made sure to create plenty of seating in front of her floor-to-ceiling window, so all of her visitors can enjoy her view of Lake Michigan and the Gold Coast.  People love to visit!
Here is Becky’s apartment in her own words from her contest entry:

Well if a picture says a thousand words, then I hope these pictures say it all, since they are some of my favorites! I live in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom contemporary downtown apartment on the 16th floor of 1111 N. Dearborn. Walking into my apartment you’ll be greeted by a full length mirror to check yourself out as you walk in…or check to make sure you don’t have any lipstick on your teeth as you walk out! As you walk in, if you look to your immediate right, you’ll see my bedroom- and a fantastic view of the Gold Coast!!!
If you turn to the far right, you’ll find a colorful urban bathroom with the Chicago El as our shower curtain, and pink and blue towels to match. If you turn to the left, and then veer right, you’ll walk into our lovely living room which is ideal for entertaining. The abundance of natural sunlight that comes in throughout the day is what makes our apartment feel like a home. My bedroom is my favorite room and definitely reflects my personality. I figured it’s the last time in my life I could get away with having pink and brown as my color the- and sequined throw pillows- so I had to do it !!
For me, personally, my bedroom is like a little oasis, a place where I can get away from the day.  I often sit on the chaise lounge or have my friends sit there as I get ready. Every morning I wake up and every night I go to bed I still can’t believe where I live. I have always dreamed of living in a high-rise, and now my dream has come true. So with that being said…I hope you enjoy looking at my apartment just as much as I enjoy living there!
Becky Z.

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