Hottest Pad of 2010! STUDIO WINNER – Kari O.

Hottest Pad of 2010 – STUDIO WINNER – Kari O.
Congratulations to Kari, who beat out all of the contestants that entered in the STUDIO portion of our HOTTEST PAD OF 2010 Contest. We absolutely loved the creative use of space in her Lincoln Park apartment at 2630 North Hampden.
{PICTURE 1} Since Kari loves to entertain, she wanted ample seating for guests. With her brand new IKEA couch and chair, she was able to create a comfortable sitting area for any of her friends or family that drop by.
{PICTURE 2} Kari wanted to make her kitchen fun and functional with vintage stickers and small colorful accents on her breakfast bar. Her cute kitchen stools stow away perfectly underneath the counter which leaves plenty of space for her cat JUNO to roam free.
{PICTURE 3} The perfect transition between the bed and sitting area happens with her chair and small book case which is attached to the bed frame. It’s the perfect place to relax with your favorite book and coffee in hand.
{PICTURE 4} Kari kept the “fun feel” going with her colorful bed sheet and COUTURE MAGAZINE art on the wall. Above the bed are two lamps for extra lighting, and a variety of photographs which add a more personal feel to the space.
Below you can find Kari’s narrative which she used to enter the contest:

After a tragic event, I was forced to find an apartment within 24 hours. My studio on Hampden was the first place I saw, and I honestly didn’t want to see anything else. I’ve always wanted to use my passion for interior decorating for my own place, and the timing couldn’t have been better.
Moving in, I had nothing but a desk and a mattress, so I had the opportunity to build the place from the ground up and really use my sense of design and style. After a restless weekend consisting of rummaging through random vintage stores, numerous Ikea and Target trips, a Bed Bath and Beyond spree, and an exhausted family and group of friends, my vision was being fulfilled. (Holy run-on sentence!)
I wanted a place that was urban-chic, comfortable but classy, and spacious (a little hard to do in a studio) using décor that reflected my personality. After everything came together, I achieved my vision and goals and couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome. A studio forces you to use your imagination for organization and storage, and I found sophisticated and interesting ways to utilize the space effectively. I have a sleeping area AND a separate living room where I can entertain a number of guests and spend some quality time with my Xbox and Wii!
Even though I had everything I desired in my new house, there was always something missing. I went to PAWS Chicago and adopted Juno, my 5-year-old Tabby. She completes the place and reminds me everyday “her house is my house.”
I’m extremely proud of my apartment, and love calling it my home. I’m comfortable, Juno is comfortable, and we’re not going anywhere any time soon!
Thanks Planned Property!

Once again, congratulations Kari! You did an awesome job with your studio!

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