Homemade Eggshell Water For Happy Houseplants

Houseplant parents: we have some advice to share on how to keep your plant babies nourished and healthy. The secret to happy houseplants? Homemade eggshell water.

We all know calcium is good for us, especially if we grew up in the era of the Got Milk campaign. But did you know it’s good for plants, too? It’s true—calcium helps maintain soil’s pH balance, which allows them to properly soak up all nutrients in their soil.

While we can’t go around pouring milk into our houseplant pots, there are products for purchase that contain calcium. But there is an alternative homemade option too: eggshells. They’re naturally loaded with calcium, and chances are you just toss them in the garbage anyway. If you’re looking for a natural, easy way to feed your plants, consider holding onto you eggshells to make your very own nourishing, homemade eggshell plant water.

Houseplant Eggshell Water

You can make houseplant eggshell water two ways:

First, if you’re already a fan of hardboiled eggs, simply save the water used to cook them in and let it cool down. Once the water has cooled, you can use that no calcium-rich water to hydrate your houseplants.

If you’re not already into eggs of the hardboiled variety, save your eggshells in a container after cracking them open. Crush them up into pieces. Next, pour hot water into the container, and let the eggshells steep in the water overnight. The next day, you’ll have homemade eggshell plant water to feed your plant babies.


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