HOME: Your Space. Your Style.

We’ve all heard the saying, perhaps a bit cheesy, but certainly holds true: “HOME is where the heart is.” Lately however, maybe for a lot of us, HOME had to just be “the place we can afford at the moment.” The economy has certainly not been kind to us lately and our “HOME”, more than likely took a huge hit in the process.
For Planned Property Management, HOME has a different meaning than what most people would define it as. It’s not just about the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with a few side closets thrown in. For us, HOME has a deeper meaning and it goes beyond what we’ve all been told.
We love to think of HOME as a blank canvas that offers us countless possibilities to make it a place special not just to us, but to every single friend and guest that walk through our front doors. Not too long ago, we held a contest for our residents to show us their homes and their creative designs, and some entries simply blew us away! We saw people who incorporated their passions into their décor and people who weren’t afraid to experiment or be bold!
HOME is where your mind wanders to when you’ve got too much work piled on top of your desk. HOME is the place you describe to your friends and find yourself smiling about, because it’s just that great! HOME makes you feel good, it relaxes you and allows you to be yourself. HOME is even the place you miss when you’re on a vacation! Yes, it’s possible, believe us!
What’s even greater is that with PPM, there are even more meanings attached to the word HOME than those listed above! HOME is the community of people that surround your Lakeview, Lincoln Park or Gold Coast apartment. HOME is your friendly dry cleaner, or your familiar doorman who remembers your name and looks forward to seeing you arrive home from work. HOME is the sociable waitress at the café down the street, who after countless visits remembers all your “usuals.” HOME is the responsive engineer, who shows up with a smile on, at 10 AM, to fix your faucet, even though he secretly wishes you would have waited until morning to call him.
HOME is PPM. Our motto: “YOUR SPACE. YOUR STYLE.” couldn’t be more perfect for our multitude of residents who all differ in tastes, passions and needs.
So friends, however your PPM HOME may look of feel, enjoy it, because nothing makes us happier, than when you tell us you do!

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