Here’s Why Embroidery Should Be Your Next Home Hobby

home hobby

As we adjust to this “new normal” way of life amidst a pandemic, many of us have been exploring new hobbies to do at home. While things like baking and indoor gardening have been increasing in popularity, we’d like to suggest another home hobby for you to get into this summer — embroidery. Here’s why you should try out this accessible, creative craft.

home hobby

It’s Cheap

Embroidery is a super-affordable home hobby. You don’t have to spend much money to get started — you’ll just need to purchase embroidery floss, needles, cloth and an embroidery hoop. Better yet, purchase a kit that has everything you need in it, including a pattern you can sew. We highly recommend trying out a kit as a good way to start learning embroidery. Check out available options on Etsy. There are also lots of YouTube and online resources that offer embroidery lessons for free.

It’s Creative

Embroidery is a fun way to explore your creative side. Once you have the basics of sewing down, you can get more creative with your embroidery projects and stitch anything you want. Popular choices include floral designs, plants and pet keepsakes. No matter what you want to create, you can make it happen with embroidery.

It’s Practical

While embroidery is a creative hobby, it’s also a practical skill to learn. Learning how to sew a variety of basic stitches will come in handy the next time to need to mend a garment. Embroidery skills will also be useful the next time you want to personalize a piece of clothing or make a unique gift for someone.

It’s Relaxing

When you concentrate on activities you enjoy for extended periods of time, your brain enters a state known as flow, which is great for mental health. When you’re in flow, you don’t stress about tomorrow or worry about the future — you live in the moment. The act of embroidery is one way you can relax and enter a state of flow while creating something beautiful. You can also work on your embroidery while watching television or hanging out with your roommates, as it doesn’t require all of your attention.

You’ll Pick It Up Quickly

New skills take time to master. But when it comes to embroidery, chances are high that you’ll be able to pick up the basics pretty quickly. You won’t be a pro right away, but you’ll be able to start making creations with your threads immediately. And that’s a big motivator to keep going.

home hobby


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