Holiday Storage Tips For Small Living

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Storage Tips

Now that we’ve survived the holiday season what do we do with all the shiny decor and wrapping paper?

We all know that living in the city often means sacrificing square footage for location, but that doesn’t mean we should sacrifice a little holiday flare.

Here are a few storage tweaks for storing your holiday decor.

Let’s take a look at our FIVE Holiday storage tips for small living!

1| Reuse decor boxes

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Storage Tips

If you haven’t thrown out the ornament and light boxes, reuse them. If you did throw out your boxes try and find small boxes to keep similar items together. This makes it easy to find without all the clutter when you’re ready to take it back out.

2| Store in a Suitcase!

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Storage Tips

If you’re someone who doesn’t travel often or only during the holiday a suitcase is a perfect storage space for off-season items like holiday decor, home accents and clothing.

3| Invest in under the bed storage

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Storage Tips

Look for a long underbed storage bins that easily slide under the bed like this one:

4| Add more shelves in your closet

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Storage Tips

Ikea is great for affordable shelving. By adding a small shelf like this one you can maximize your closet function. I recommend storing items you don’t use as often on the highest shelf and working your way down. I like to store fragile decor items and candles on the very top shelf while linens are more accessible.

5| Choose all-season decor

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Storage Tips

For future holidays try picking decor that goes for any season. Silver and gold are great for any season if paired together with seasonal colors and patterns. Store only items that are holiday specific like wreaths, ornaments, garland, Christmas lights, happy new year hats and stockings. Items that say winter can also be displayed until Spring comes around.

Photo & Copy by Jacqueline Marie of Tweaked Style,

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