Holiday Money Just A Cab Ride Away…

Its official, no more feeling guilty for taking a cab, Cash Cab is here! The popular taxi trivia show has made its way to Chicago after receiving more than 13,000 pleas from fans on Facebook. Fans have already reported spotting the cab in Gold Coast and Lakeview!
If you have not heard of Cash Cab don’t worry, it is normally in New York. Cash Cab is hosted by comedian Ben Bailey and airs on the Discovery Channel. Becoming a contestant is pure chance; you must be in the right place at the right time. If you do happen to find yourself as a lucky contestant, you will have the opportunity of wining money on your way to your destination as long as you can answer the questions right. Just don’t get more than three questions wrong otherwise Bailey will end your ride, wherever you happen to be.
Do you want to be on the show? Word has it to keep your eye out for a yellow Toyota Sienna minivan with black digits 4472 on the body and 4472TX for the license plate. Also, pay attention to the roof sign. The Cash Cab is unique because it will not have any advertisements, just the skyline of Chicago.
If you you have seen the Cash Cab let us know!
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