Decorate Your Apartment With These Holiday House Plants

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Houseplants, Christmas Cactus

The holiday season is here, and with it comes new opportunities to fill your home with seasonal house plants. When you hear the term “holiday house plant,” images of red Poinsettias likely come to mind. Some people love them, but not everyone’s a fan. Plus, Poinsettias can be dangerous to house cats. If Poinsettias aren’t your thing, you do have alternative holiday house plant options, and we’re here to share some with you. Check out our list of holiday house plants that can serve as festive additions to your apartment’s decor.

 Chicago Apartments, Holiday Houseplants, Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cacti boast pretty, bright blooms and striking green leaves. They require limited light and moisture prior to blooming. Luckily, the Christmas Cacti that become available in stores come December have already received the care they need, so you get to enjoy the blooms without any of the prep work.

Fiddle-leaf Fig

Good news — the unofficial “it” house plant of 2019 is also an ideal holiday house plant. Fiddle-leaf figs are well-loved for their towering height and large, deep green violin-shaped leaves. They’re a great addition to any room in any size apartment, mainly because they work so well in corner spaces. It’s also able to adapt relatively well to different climates. The gorgeous contrast of this bold plant against a neutral backdrop makes it a perfect decorating choice for the festive season.

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Houseplants, Holly Plant

Holly Plant

Holly’s green pointed leaves and bold red berries make it a longstanding favorite during the holidays. In fact, people have been celebrating the winter season with holly for hundreds of years. Add a holly plant to your home to partake in this century-old tradition.

White Jasmine

Another great holiday house plant option is white jasmine. It’s one of our favorite winter-blooming plants, both for its aesthetic appeal and sweet, nighttime scent. The plant does best in cooler temps with access to low light, so it thrives in the winter months.

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Houseplants, Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine

Have you ever spotted those tiny little “Christmas trees” that are everywhere come December? Those are Norfolk Island Pine plants, and their pint-sized Christmas tree-like looks make them a perfect choice for the holiday season. If you’re tight on space in your apartment, forgo a traditional pine tree and bring one of these babies home instead. A little fairy lights and a few ornaments later, you’ll have your very own Charlie Brown-style Christmas tree.

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Houseplants, Amaryllis


Amaryllis are a popular holiday gift choice. The plants offer beautiful bold blooms, which provide bright pops of color to holiday decor. They’re very easy to care for, which is a big bonus, particularly when you’re extra busy during the holiday season. Another bonus—if they’re well-cared for, Amaryllis can live for up to 75 years.


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