Holiday Gifts Guide: Valentine’s Day Edition

holiday gifts guide

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Now’s the time to pick out a gift for your love, whether it’s your partner, a friend or a fur baby. Flowers, cards and candy are nice, but they’re cliche. Think outside the chocolate box this year with these alternative gift ideas. Our Valentine’s Day holiday gifts guide for him, her or your fur(baby) is below.

holiday gifts guide

Holiday Gifts Guide: Valentine’s Day Edition


Personalized Wallet From Etsy

Etsy is our go-to website for personalized gifts, and this wallet would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. It’s handmade and features a minimal design, which makes it a solid choice no matter his personal style. You can have the wallet engraved with your partner’s name, initials or a nickname. He’ll love the functionality of the wallet, and the personal touch of the engravement makes it a perfect Valentine’s gift.

Personalized Cufflinks From Etsy

Another personalized option from Etsy are these cufflinks. You can choose from stainless steel options with gold or silver plating. They can be engraved with up to three initials.

Portable Charger From Target

One of the most practical options on our holiday gift guide is this portable charger from Target. Your Valentine will never have to worry about his phone dying thanks to this sleek, lightweight portable charger. And it charges more than just phones — it’ll power up fitness bands, headphones and other electronic devices.

Urban Map Glasses From Uncommon Goods

Rocks glasses are a fail-safe gift option for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. These glasses feature a map of a city of choice (including Chicago), so they’ll bring you back to your man back to his home town with every sip.

New House Plant

Instead of flowers, gift a house plant this Valentine’s Day. The Sill makes it easy with their convenient delivery options: They’re even offering a special “1-Click V-Day Gift” promotion right now. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


Handwritten Bracelet From Etsy

Jewelry isn’t the most original gift idea, but this one’s special — you can personalize this bracelet with your own handwriting, so your Valentine can wear your words right on her wrist.

Robe From Target

If you and your lady enjoy spending cozy nights at home together, this robe will be a much-appreciated Valentine’s Day gift. It’s comfy, soft and super warm. We love the royal blue color, too.

Long Distance Lamps From Uncommon Goods

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, these lamps from Uncommon Goods is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. The lamps are synced to light up together when either one is touched, so you’ll feel close and connected to your partner no matter the distance.

Musical Wine Glasses From Uncommon Goods

Confession: we may be adults, but give us a wine glass and we’ll start playing musical notes on the rim sooner or later. These musical wine glasses take it to the next level by offering a convenient scale. You can fill these glasses to whatever note you desire, then play it like an instrument with your finger on the rim. They’ll make for an extra-fun Valentine’s Day date night.


Friends Bandana From Etsy

Is your pooch a Joey? Your furbaby has been by your side during all those Friends reruns. They deserve some themed gear, too.

20-Pack Of Cat Toys From Chewy

Gift your cat the holy grail of kitty toys. This 20-pack includes all the toys you crazy cat could ever desire, including a tunnel to run through and toy mice to pounce on with their paws.

Hedgehog Socks From Etsy

We’ve previously written about how hedgehogs can make great apartment pets, so we had to include these adorable hedgehog socks. They’re the cutest things we’ve seen in quite a while.


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