5 Tips for Holiday Decorating in Small Spaces

holiday decorating small spaces

Holiday decorating can be tricky for small apartment dwellers. Those of us with tiny homes simply don’t have space for a 10-foot-tall Christmas tree or miles of fresh garland. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo decorating altogether, though. We’ll show you some easy ways to give your apartment a holiday makeover without taking up too much space (or spending too much money. Here are our best tips for holiday decorating in small spaces.

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decor

Think Small

If your apartment is on the small side, your decor should match it. If you have one or two larger holiday pieces that are necessities, such as a sentimental heirloom or family decoration, use them as focal points for the rest of the room, and keep the rest of the surrounding decor simple. Don’t overcrowd with additional accessories—in smaller spaces, let your larger items speak for themselves to avoid a cluttered look.

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decor

Make it Functional 

If you have limited space for holiday decorations, why not choose a few items that are both festive and functional? Integrating some functional pieces into your apartment’s decor allows you to decorate with additional benefits. For example, during the holiday season, swap out your standard hand towels with special holiday ones. Replace your wall calendar with an advent version, and switch out your knick-knack shelf with a tree-shaped option. Even small things, like a holiday-colored soap dispenser, can help give your home a seasonal feel.

small space decorating

Get Creative with Your Decor Placements

When space is limited, it helps to get creative with where you place your holiday decorations. Try decorating unexpected areas of your space, like cabinets or bookshelves. Doing this will allow you to add some festivity to your apartment, even if you don’t have a ton of room for giant decor.

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decor

Go Bold & Bright 

Decorating a small space means you have less room for holiday items, so every piece you choose should feel special. To make your small apartment festive, choose bold and bright colors that create a seasonal vibe. In a tiny space, a few pieces that highlight holiday color palettes can easily create a cheerful vibe without requiring a lot of work or time. Another option is to go for silver, gold, or metallic tones that are bold enough to create a whimsical, holiday setting. They key is to pick pieces that demand attention so less is more.

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decor

Try a Tree Alternative

For those of us who live in high-rises, freshly cut Christmas trees are inconvenient (to stay the least). There are tons of faux-tree options available, many of which come in all shapes and sizes. If you prefer something real, try decorating a Norfolk Island Pine plant, which resembles a tiny Christmas tree. You can also try decorating a makeshift tree made out of stack of books or other household items.


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