6 Hobbies You Can Do at Home in Your Apartment (For Cheap)

cheap hobbies to do in your apartment

Life is filled with daily obligations, deadlines, and work. But it shouldn’t be all work and no play. That’s where hobbies come into the picture. Hobbies give us a break from stressful obligations to focus on our personal interests and passions. Many hobbies are affordable and can easily be done at home in your apartment. Here are just a few of our favorites.

cheap hobbies you can do in your apartment

Try Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening involves growing plants and herbs inside. Unlike traditional outdoor gardening, indoor gardening utilizes pots and soil to cultivate happy and healthy plants under a roof. Some plants still require lots of sunlight, so it’s best to grow them in a sunny spot. Other plants don’t require much sun at all, and those are the easiest to grow in an apartment. If you’re curious about indoor gardening, starting a small indoor herb garden is a good place to begin. Herbs are relatively easy to grow and maintain. Plus, you’ll love having fresh herbs on hand for cooking!

cheap hobbies to do in your apartment


Embrace the art of doing nothing. Meditation is a skill you can learn to develop right in the comfort of your own apartment. The benefits are substantial: They include increased focused and productivity, heightened mood, and an overall better sense of wellbeing. The best part is that learning to meditate is totally free. While there are apps offering guided meditations and tips for practicing, you can also stick with free videos to learn the basics.

cheap hobbies to do in your apartment

Do Yoga in Your Apartment

Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits through muscle strengthening, strengthening, and breathing. You may be surprised to learn you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga! There are many poses that even a non-flexible person can do, and as you continue your practice, you may be able to progress to more difficult poses (called “asanas”).

cheap hobbies to do in your apartment

Learn a Language

Learning a new language has never been easier. Thanks to technology, you can learn languages right from your phone with apps like LinguaLift and Duolingo. The best part? Many options are totally free.

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Try Candle Making

Love candles? Try making some yourself. If it sounds intimidating, you’ll be happy to hear it’s pretty straightforward. This candle-making post goes over everything.

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Learn to Knit

Knitting has a reputation for being a bit of an “old folks” pastime. If you’ve made that assumption, you could be missing out on a relaxing, awesome hobby. Knitting can be a big stress relief, and if you get good enough, you may be able to knit gifts for friends and family.

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