High Times at 1111 N Dearborn

Chicago Apartments, 1111 N Dearborn, Air & Water Show

In typical fashion, some time on Thursday afternoon after the fears of Chicago being invaded by fighter pilots subsided, you realized it was Air and Water Show weekend.
This year marked the 54th anniversary of the the annual event where throngs of Chicagoans and hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Chicago’s beaches to witness the aerodynamic feats of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. If you’re like most “real” Chicagoans, though, you know the real party isn’t on the beach. Why wade through crowded streets, trains and buses filled with tourists when you can watch the party from above?
At PPM we love throwing a good party for our residents, so on Saturday we invited all of 1111 N Dearborn to watch the Air and Water Show with us from the 32nd floor rooftop pool.
We kicked off the party with mimosas and grill masters served up steak fajita sandwiches and grilled pesto chicken… this wasn’t your momma’s usual BBQ. We even gave away $50 rent credits throughout the day to thank people for being there and for being PPM residents. A live DJ was there to mix some tunes and hundreds of Chicago’s finest bumped to the beats while the Blue Angels flew overhead. Residents met and mingled with their friends while others worked up the courage to finally introduce themselves to that person they always see in the elevator.
Simply put: there was no other place to be for the Air & Water Show on Saturday.
Check out some photos from the day here…
Chicago Apartments, 1111 N Dearborn, Air & Water Show
Chicago Apartments, 1111 N Dearborn, Air & Water Show
Chicago Apartments, 1111 N Dearborn, Air & Water Show
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This summer pool party was one of many we love to throw in appreciation for residents of PPM buildings. All 28 PPM buildings are within walking distance of Chicago’s lakefront and the Air & Water Show action.
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