Here’s Why You Should Adopt A Senior Dog


Who doesn’t love puppies? Most often, puppies are the first to be picked at animal shelters. Unfortunately, that leaves many senior pups waiting far too long for forever homes (if they find one at all). This common occurrence means that people are missing out on pets with a ton of potential. Senior dogs make excellent companions, especially for busy city-dwellers. Here’s why you should consider adopting a senior dog when it’s time to add a new member to your family.

You’ll Know What You’re Getting

One of the biggest upsides to adopting an adult dog is that his personality will be fully developed. By adopting a puppy, you’re taking a big chance. You can’t be sure what the dog’s behavior will turn out like, so it’s a bit of a wild card. On the flip side, you’ll know exactly the type of dog you’re getting if you go for a full grown senior. It’s a big advantage to be able to choose a dog that’s right for you based on his personality and demeanor, and you’ll avoid any unwanted surprises.

They Require Less Work

Senior dogs generally require less work than a younger pup. Seniors tend to be lazier and have calmer personalities than younger, spry pups. This can be a big benefit if you live in an apartment; your senior dog will be perfectly content to lounge around your high-rise home. They’re also most likely already trained, so you won’t be dealing with the stress of training a brand new puppy (it’s a lot of work!).


You’ll Save Some Cash

Yet another bonus to choosing an older pup is that you’ll likely save some cash. Puppies can require costly training programs, plus they’ll need vaccines, spay/neuter procedures, and deworming. These costs can quickly add up, but you won’t have to fork out the cash on a senior dog who’s already been through it all.

You May Be Saving a Life

As mentioned above, senior dogs are not typically the first pups to be chosen. This, unfortunately, means that some of them end up being put down. If you choose to adopt an older dog, you’ll have the added satisfaction of knowing you may have saved your new pet’s life. This will strengthen your bond for years to come.