Here’s What To Clean In Your Apartment Before Guests Arrive

In an ideal world, you’d have hours of free time to prepare for holiday guests’ arrival. You’d gut your apartment, declutter each room, and decorate accordingly. Of course, life is busy, and it’s not uncommon to find ourselves scrambling to get the apartment in order last-minute. If you’re currently experiencing this, take a deep breath and relax. We’re here to help you determine the most important things to clean before guests arrive at your home. Get these tasks done, and you’ll be good to go.

Chicago Apartments, Cleaning Tips, Bathroom Cleaning

Clean the Bathroom

When you’re short on time and have to clean up quick, the most important room to focus on is the bathroom. All your guests will need to use the bathroom at some point during their stay, and a clean bathroom will make them feel at ease. A dirty bathroom, on the other hand, isn’t fun for anyone. Clean the toilet, shower, and sink, and be sure to offer some fresh towels. It doesn’t need to be spotless, but it should be clean enough that guests don’t feel uncomfortable.

Chicago Apartments, Cleaning Tips, Guest Room Cleaning

Put Fresh Sheets on the Guest Bed

If your guests are staying the night, clean sheets are a must. No one likes to sleep in a bed (or on a couch) with used sheets and blankets. It isn’t very sanitary, and your guests will be able to notice whether their bedding is clean or dirty. If you’re in a rush, don’t skip throwing some fresh linens on your guest bed or couch. It will make a big difference as to how enjoyable their stay is.

Chicago Apartments, Cleaning Tips

Clean the Dishes

Clean dishes are essential to successful entertaining. This includes glassware as well. If you’re serving food to guests, dirty dishes (obviously) won’t fly, just as they wouldn’t in a restaurant or a hotel. It’s also preferable to have your dishes cleaned and out of the sink before guests arrive, so there aren’t any lingering smells or gross pots and pans lingering in the kitchen during holiday festivities.


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