Here comes the snow…

I am sure by now most of you have heard about the massive snow storm that is projected to hit our great city. If the forecasters are correct, Chicago will be hit by one of worst blizzards in the history of its record keeping! Only time will tell but we could be in for 20 inches of snow and 25 foot waves on Lake Michigan!
Storm warnings which stretch more than 2,000 miles are sure to cause panic in so many cities. As of now, about 3,000 are without power in Ohio and 2,600 in Oklahoma! More than 4,500 flights have been cancelled today across the country.
We say, use this storm to your advantage. With the Super Bowl this weekend I am sure many of you can get some chores out of the way. Then you will have all weekend to have fun and relax! The great thing about so many of our buildings is that you can work out, do your laundry, get your hair and nails done, and do your grocery shopping without ever stepping outside!
If you do find yourself having to go outside please allow yourself extra time to get to where you are going. For any dog owner that did not ready our last blog, please do so. You will find some great tips on how to car for your furry friend during the winter.
So what are you going to do if Chicago gets hit with 2 feet of snow?
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