Healthy Substitutes for Everyday Eating

The worst part about trying to eat healthier is changing your normal habits.
Sometimes we eat for convenience, or because it’s what we’re used to and you shouldn’t have to inconvenience yourself to get healthier.
Yes, it takes some work, but by slowly implementing some of the tips we’ve put together below, you’ll be eating healthier without overhauling your eating habits.
A few simple changes can sometimes go a long way in feeling and eating healthier.

Nonfat Milk

Some people are afraid of skim milk. I wouldn’t touch it for the longest time but in college I started drinking it and never looked back – now I can’t drink 2%, it’s way too thick. If you’re a 2% drinker, cut back slowly. First try 1%, then ½% (yes, they have ½% milk!), then skim milk won’t seem like such a big change. Plus, skim milk has just as much protein as 2% without all the fat.

Avocado or Hummus

The next time you’re making a sandwich or placing your order at Subway, skip the cheese, mayo and dressing and opt for avocado or hummus instead. Some people avoid avocado because they’re full of fat – but this gives the wrong perception. Your body needs some fat and avocado is full of natural good fat that your heart actually needs (everything in moderation, though!). If you’re not a fan of avocado, go for hummus. Both options provide flavor and a creaminess you’d usually want from cheese and dressing but they’re lacking in bad fats and sugar making them a much healthier choice.

Ground Turkey

We’ve been told for a while now that red meat isn’t good for us, especially for our heart health. The next time you host a taco Tuesday or want some homemade meatballs with your spaghetti dinner reach for ground turkey instead of ground beef. Turkey is much leaner and can help reduce your risk of heart disease by replacing red meat.

Dark Leafy Greens

If your go-to green when buying salad supplies is romaine or ice burg then your salad needs a serious overhaul. These greens are mostly water and lack a lot of nutrients that dark leafy greens such as kale, arugula and spinach provide. To make the transition easier, start by mixing some dark leafy greens in with the lettuce you’re already used to. As an extra tip, try leaving the salad dressing behind and using some olive oil, and salt and pepper instead. You’d be surprised how much flavor you still get and how much sugar you avoid.

Egg Whites

By avoiding the yolk in eggs, you can really reduce your cholesterol intake without sacrificing your breakfast staple. If you want to avoid the waste of tossing the egg yolks, consider purchasing egg white cartons instead. Some people argue that by avoiding the yolks you avoid some nutrients as well, but if cholesterol is an issue for you, cutting out yolks is a great way to cut back.
To keep with healthy substitutes make sure to check out our tips on Clean Eating!
Let us know your favorite easy, healthy, everyday substitutes for eating better!

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