Treat Yourself To These Healthy Lunch Bowls

Healthy Lunch Bowls

If you ask us, nothing beats a bowl for lunch. Healthy lunch bowls make for perfect midday meals that are filling, nutritious and, most importantly, super tasty. Check out some of our favorite options below, and plan to treat yourself to some yummy lunch bowls next week.

Healthy Lunch Bowls

Healthy Lunch Bowls

Loaded Taco Salad Bowl

Tacos are a timeless favorite, but they aren’t the healthiest dish. Luckily, you can easily resolve this issue by turning your tacos into a salad. This recipe does it right by combining delicious ingredients like black beans and veggies with a homemade lime crema sauce.

Summer Glow Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls typically combine grains with hearty fillings that are as colorful as they are tasty. This recipe features quinoa, green beans, zucchini and spinach. It also includes carrots, beets, avocados and pepita seeds. You’ll top it all off with made-from-scratch vinaigrette, which include Dijon mustard and red wine.

Summer Harvest Veggie and Quinoa Bowl

Another one of our favorite healthy lunch bowls is this summer harvest bowl. It has quinoa, lentils, hummus and goat cheese, plus a homemade basil-avocado vinaigrette dressing. With seasonal summer ingredients and flavors, it’s the perfect summer meal to enjoy this month.

Asian Salmon Rice Bowl

Salmon is a superfood full of Omega-3 fatty acids, and this Asian salmon rice bowl is a delicious way to enjoy it. The recipe is easy—you’ll just need frozen spinach, rice and few different seasonings in addition to a salmon filet. This healthy meal can be ready in about 40 minutes, and it’s a great make-ahead meal prep option, too.

Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl

Last on our list is another Buddha bowl. This recipe features tofu cooked in a simple peanut sauce that’s truly addictive—one taste, and we bet you’ll be hooked. The combination of tofu with brown rice and crunchy veggies like carrots and broccoli makes this a satisfying, healthy lunch option.

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