Healthy Eating In Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Eating, Lyfe Kitchen

It can be challenging to make flavorful meals and snacks that are healthy.

Yet, here in Chicago, we have many options to help us get those nutrients we need!

We looked for the best healthy restaurants throughout Chicago and even found some right by our very own buildings.

Here are our top 5 picks for healthy eating on the go in Chicago.

LYFE Kitchen

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Eating, LYFE Kitchen

LYFE Kitchen offers a spread of foods from salads to burgers to wraps; each one is filled with flavor and comes with many different protein options. They have locations throughout Chicago and one is only two minutes away from 55 W. Chestnut.


Chicago Apartments, Healthy Eating, Freshii

Try out a quinoa wrap or snack at Freshii for an energizing bite to eat and quick service! You can find Freshii in various neighborhoods throughout Chicago.

Snap Kitchen

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Eating, Snap Kitchen

If you don’t have time to make dinner or bring lunch to work, Snap Kitchen’s microwavable meals are perfect for you. Each item allows you to eat those chicken enchiladas or the fettucine Alfredo you have been craving without the calories! Find Snap Kitchen in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and right next to our building at 750 N. Rush.

Protein Bar

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Eating, Protein Bar

Protein Bar is a perfect way to get the protein you need each day, whether it’s in a PB&J smoothie or a Buffalo Bar-Rito. They have multiple locations throughout Chicago in Lincoln Park and more!

Left Coast

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Eating, Left Coast

This new restaurant, located on Lincoln and Wrightwood, will prove that healthy food can be delicious. Left Coast has everything such as acai bowls, pancakes, and wraps and has a full beverage menu filled with different smoothie and cold-pressed juice options.

If your feeling fit and healthy after reading this blog, then make sure to checkout our blog on some of the great Trails in Chicago!

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