5 Healthier Pumpkin Desserts To Bake This Fall

pumpkin desserts, chicago apartments

There’s just something about autumn that gives us that “baking itch.” From pies and bread to cookies and cupcakes, now is the time many of us want to roll up our sleeves and roll out the dough. And there’s a lot to love about baking besides just getting to eat your favorite baked goods  — it can be a great bonding activity, which explains why it’s done more often around the holidays. The downside? Baked goods are often filled with sugar, carbs and calories. We are all for allowing yourself some treats once in a while. However, we’re only at the beginning of the baking season, and if we want to enjoy the next few months, we know we have to pace ourselves. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite healthier pumpkin desserts, so you can treat you and your friends or family to the flavors of the season without the guilt.

healthier pumpkin desserts, chicago apartments

Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

The first on our list of healthier pumpkin desserts are these delicious pumpkin muffins. Unlike traditional muffins, these babies are made with whole wheat flour and coconut oil. Another special ingredient is Greek yogurt, which gives them a smooth texture without the need for more butter or oil. Plus, the yogurt provides a protein boost, so it’s a win-win. One of the best ways to balance out you baking with a healthy lifestyle is to choose a lower-calorie sweetening option instead of sugar, and these muffins use a vanilla-flavored variation of the sweetener

healthier pumpkin desserts, chicago apartments

Pumpkin Pancakes

If you’re a pancake fan but haven’t tried a pumpkin version yet, take this as a sign to do so as soon as possible. The sweet flavor of pumpkin goes perfectly with the comforting, fluffy pancake texture. These ‘cakes also utilize whole wheat flour, which makes them a healthier option than traditional flapjacks. For sweetness, this recipe relies on all-natural maple syrup, but you can always add more on top of your pancakes, too. This is an ideal treat for a weekend morning when you’re craving some pumpkin goodness without the guilt.

healthier pumpkin desserts, chicago apartments

Healthy Pumpkin Pie

Our list of healthier pumpkin desserts wouldn’t be complete without the O.G. pumpkin dessert: pumpkin pie. Traditional pumpkin pie doesn’t is a must-have dessert for any fall dining spread, but like most desserts, it doesn’t offer much nutritional value. This healthy pumpkin pie recipe changes that by integrating coconut oil, rolled oats and flaxseed. With this recipe, you can make dessert a little healthier without having to sacrifice that old-fashioned pumpkin pie taste you love.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Few foods are more comforting than a warm, gooey cinnamon roll. This version offers a unique, tasty twist on the beloved recipe by incorporating pumpkin flavors. They utilize both pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice seasoning. The best part? These are totally gluten-free, so they won’t give you that heavy, bloated feeling that lots of pastries tend to do.

Pumpkin Bread

Last but not least is this amazing pumpkin bread. In our opinion, nothing complements a cup of coffee better in the fall than a nice slice of pumpkin bread. To give it that much-loved subtle sweetness, this recipe calls for honey and maple syrup. This one’s a crowd-pleaser, so we recommend making it for guests.


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