Haunted Houses in Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses in Chicago

A friend of mine asked me the other day if I wanted to go to a haunted house. I had two reactions: (1) Absolutely not. Haunted houses are basically my worst nightmare. (2) Does Chicago even have any haunted houses? The answer is yes, it has many very very good haunted houses. So, if you’re braver than I am, you should check out these spots for some guaranteed scares.

The Fear House Navy Pier

This haunted attraction comes with a theme: Zombie Containment. What is it with people loving Zombies lately? This is described as an aggressive (WHAT??), high scare (!!!), interactive haunted house at night and a low scare/lights show during the day. So basically I will be staying away from Navy Pier for the month of October. Thrill seekers – feel free to check it out. Open through November 2nd. Also, here’s a coupon: http://www.thefearhauntedhouse.com/coupon.html

    • Tickets are $20
    • Thursdays & Sundays 7-10pm
    • Fridays & Saturdays 7-11pm

 Audience Annihilated Part 2: Gold Star Sticker:

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, Audience Annihilated

5026 N. Lincoln Ave; This is a haunted house unlike any you’ve ever been to because it combines theatre with the idea of a haunted house. Audience members are asked to participate in what is deemed a highly interactive horror story.

Fear City Haunted House:

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, Fear City

8240 N. Austin; Huge. This haunted house is gigantic, which to me, seems a million time scarier. With 40,000 square feet, this haunted house recreates Chicago as a haunted city. I mean, they’re so detailed they even replicate an El train car and re-create Wacker Drive. If all that wasn’t enough to get your attention, they also transport attendees to an abandoned school haunted by murderous students (oh joy!).

Fright Fest: Six Flags

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, Six Flags, Fright Fest

If you feel like getting out of the city this is a great option for Halloween festivities and haunted houses. Six Flags has a Halloween theme going for six weeks with six haunted houses and live shows. The spookiest times are after 6pm – before then it’s considered kid friendly.

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