4 Easy Halloween Crafts for Spooky Season

halloween crafts

Looking to dive into a fun craft project this weekend? With spooky season in full effect, we wanted to share a roundup of DIY Halloween crafts you can make at home. From festive wreaths to creepy candles, these fun craft projects will provide you with some seasonal decor for your apartment.

halloween crafts

Halloween Crafts: DIY Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

This DIY Halloween wreath tutorial breaks down the process of creating an autumnal wreath step-by-step. You’ll start with a simple wreath foam for the base. Then, you’ll decorate it with faux leaves, flowers, seed pods, and any other adornments you want. Feel free to get spooky with it.

Blood Candles

What’s creepier than a candle dripping with blood-like wax? If you’re into terrifying Halloween crafts and sinister decor, this blood candle craft tutorial is for you. These candles are easy to make, so you’ll have striking decorations in just three simple steps.

DIY Plush Pumpkins

Next, check out this simple tutorial for creating stuffed pumpkin decorations (or gifts). The sewing pattern is provided, which makes the process of creating it seamless. These little pumpkins are more cute than scary, so they’ll work just as well for Thanksgiving as they do for Halloween.

Spell Book DIY

Create your own spell books to use as decoration by up-cycling old books. This is one of those craft projects where flaws will work in your favor, so don’t overthink it — just have fun with it!

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