Guide to Living in Chicago

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Okay, let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up: Chicago is a great place to live. But it can be a bit overwhelming at first. You have to give yourself time to settle in, to find the places that you really enjoy.
Places you like hanging out, places you like to eat, and even where you want to live. It’s not uncommon for people to neighborhood hop for a few years until they find just the right place for them. Chicago is so big and diverse that it’s almost like a cluster of a few dozen cities nestled together.

Dining in Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Lifestyle Tips, Dining
Chicago offers anything you could hope to find in dining. Inexpensive American and ethnic cuisines, including the world-famous Chicago pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef sandwiches are readily available. But you can also find upscale dining of the highest caliber. And there’s everything in between, too.

Bars & Night Clubs

Chicago Apartments, Lifestyle Tips, Nightlife
You can really take your pick of bars and night clubs in Chicago. Whether you’re looking to be entertained (by, say, dueling pianists) or if you’re looking to provide the entertainment (at, say, an open mic), you can find it here in Chicago. If you’re looking for a quiet corner bar where people go to drink in silence or someplace where people go to talk. If you want tons of TVs that play every game, or if you are looking for a bar where they only show the games for your team and everyone’s a fan, it’s easy to find here in Chicago.

Theater, Sports, and More

Chicago Apartments, Lifestyle Tips, Chicago Cubs
Entertainments in Chicago are easy to come by. If you’re looking for a small, intimate theater space, there are dozens of them around. If you are looking to enjoy the latest sensation, all the biggest touring companies come here, not to mention some really outstanding homegrown productions.  Culture is always on tap in Chicago, with dozens of festivals throughout the year, peaking in the summer with many options to enjoy every single weekend.  And sports! With the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, White Sox, and Cubs, there’s always something going, no matter the season.


Chicago Apartments, Lifestyle Tips, Shopping
Of course, Chicago’s headliner when it comes to shopping is the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue. But every neighborhood has its own shopping hotspots, such as Belmont and Clark in Lakeview or Armitage Avenue in Lincoln Park. And of course there are many little nooks where you can find some truly special shopping experiences and some unique items.

Finding It All

The best way to find your way around is to utilize some of the online resources for deciding what is available. Here are some good resources to visit:
And there’s also several good apps for this, but one of the most recommended is MyCityWay Now
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