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Chicago Apartments, Grocery Delivery Services, Artizone

Maybe one of my least favorite parts of living in a city is grocery shopping. Sure, we have a ton of choices and a lot of unique stores – but unless you have a car, grocery shopping can be the chore you dread most, especially in the snow, rain and wind that seems to haunt Chicago 75% of the year.
We’ve researched some grocery delivery services that deliver in PPM neighborhoods so that next time you’re dreading that trip to the grocery store, or the forecast is less than ideal for carrying a few bags of groceries home, you will have options!

Here are our top Grocery Delivery places for Chicago!


Chicago Apartments, Grocery Delivery Services, Peapod
I’m on my computer about 75% of the day, which is sad. But anything I can do online is instantly more convenient for me. Peapod lets you grocery shop online. Which is amazing to me. You can also schedule delivery for a time that works best for you – which is crucial if you’re ordering things that need to be refrigerated. Also, peapod offers major brands and not brands you’ve never heard of. Also, they offer $20 your first order! Peapod


Chicago Apartments, Grocery Delivery Services, Artizone
A grocery delivery service that’s a little fancy. Same idea as peapod, groceries delivered when you want them, but the difference here is that delivery is from Chicago artisans and specialty stores. Local milk, eggs, cheese, and produce – but also brands you see every day at the grocery store. There are also specialized sections of the website for gluten free. There’s also a pet section!! You can also get wine, beer, liquor, fresh meats and seafood as well as ready-made meals. You also get rewards for money you spend. Artizone


Chicago Apartments, Grocery Delivery Services, Instacart
Get groceries from specific stores you love like Wholefoods, Costco, and more. You can even choose to have fresh produce delivered daily with this service. If you choose prepared foods, you can specify that you want it before dinner. There are also personal shoppers on hand to help you make decisions. You can also order household items as well as groceries. This service has been featured in Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Instacart

Door to Door Organics

Chicago Apartments, Grocery Delivery Services, Door to Door Organics
You can have groceries delivered (the same order or customized each week) at the same time every day if you want. They find the freshest seasonal organic produce and create a customized box for you. They also have a selection of organic, local, natural foods that are staples: humanely raised meats, sustainable fish, artisan breads… the list goes on. They also have recipes to help you cook the things you order, you can even shop by recipe online! Door to Door Organics
If your also in the mood for meal delivery’s make sure to check out our past blog on Meal Delivery Services!

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