Great Cheap Eats – Right Here in Lakeview East!

We love this place!  It’s everything you could want in a hot dog / burger joint — the food comes out pretty quickly, you get enough for your money, and the service is personal and friendly.
The atmosphere is wonderful! It’s in the basement of a building, but the inside reminds me of fast food burger and hot dog places I used to go to growing up with mismatched tables and chairs. You make it work and it becomes like a fun, communal eating situation. The walls are covered with pictures of people who have eaten there and a bunch of drawings from the children – it was like we walked into someone’s living room and were welcomed for lunch.
Now for the food!  As far as burgers we can recommend: the Roe burger and the Bryan burger. Our mouths are watering just thinking about them. The burger scene is extremely strong in Chicago so it’s really hard for us to pick one over the other.  We would give consolation to Flub’s burger as the best burger we’ve had for under $10.  Just a simple burger, juicy and flavorful meat on a pretzel roll.

Our hot dogs were prepared perfectly and reminded us of why we love Chicago style hot dogs!  The ‘works’ had a juicy Vienna Dog with super crisp fresh vegetables.  AWESOME!  The French fries are the perfect compliment – simply seasoned and fried to a good crisp.

Go today – for what we think is one of the beast deals in Lakeview East – oh by the way – the deliver!

Flub A Dub Chub’s
3021 N. Broadway
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