Gourmet Hot Chocolate Bar In Lincoln Park

We have already established that we love the Fro-Yo at Forever Yogurt Lincoln Park at 2727 N. Clark.
We especially love all of the available flavors and toppings.
Well, guess what? Now Forever Yogurt brings Froth Hot Chocolate to their shops – and still gives unlimited options!
Froth’s hot chocolate is made from melted chocolate rather than powders or syrups so the flavor remains rich and authentic, more of a drinking chocolate.
You can choose from whole, 2 percent, soy or skim milk.

Currently there are five flavors including:
· The Steam Engine (melted Hershey’s chocolate chips)

· The Cliffhanger (Andes mint)

· PB Confidential (Reese’s peanut butter cup)

· The Nocturnal Owl (Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips)

· Gold Digger (salted caramel)

After you pick your flavor, you still get a pass through the toppings bar, which tempts with sea salt, cinnamon, mini-M&Ms, baby chocolate chips and more. Warm, yummy goodness on a cold Chicago Winter Day! Bravo Forever Yogurt!

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