PPM is Looking for a "Green" Project Manager!

“Going green” isn’t just a cool bandwagon to jump on, it’s necessary for all of us to be more environmentally-concious and care for the earth! Individually we can all make simple, everyday choices to help make the world and our neighborhoods a bit “greener” and other times we need to band together.
This fall, PPM wants to make a concerted effort to rally all of our residents to go green! The city of Chicago is beautiful and we want to keep it that way by offering recycling at all of our 28 Chicago apartment buildings in Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and the Gold Coast.
We are looking for a project manager to work with our management team to help us implement a recycling program. Ideal candidates would be earth-conscious, green-minded and have previous experience or a degree in Environment Science. This position would be a short-term project, ideal for someone looking for an internship offering great experience.
If you are interested, please email marketing@ppmapartments.com and include your resume and portfolio if applicable.
PPM residents, watch for more updates as move forward in going green!

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