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Chicago Apartments, Going Green

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By now most of us are aware that buying and drinking bottled water is a bad choice. Not only is it bad for the environment, it is an unnecessary cost that can easily be avoided. Here at Planned Property Management we want to take the steps to keep our residents informed and give them choices to lead greener, healthier lives! In an effort to reduce bottled water consumption we are implementing new water fountains in many of our buildings.  One of these innovative fountains has already been installed at 3130 N. Lakeshore Drive and is getting rave reviews.
Chicago Apartments, Going Green
We here at PPM have been experimenting with the new fountain and been keeping the results. The results have been unreal and have saved over 3,800 plastic water bottles from going into the ocean and causing danger to the environment. According to National Geographic, 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills daily. We are doing our best to stop these terrible numbers and put an end to horrible numbers like that. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is, essentially, a floating landfill in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Plastic constitutes 90% of the trash within the garbage patch, which is made up of an area equal to one and a half times the size of the United States. The unfortunate truth about plastic is that it does not biodegrade and no natural processes can break it down.
Chicago Apartments, Going Green
In addition to our new water bottle fountains providing some relief for the environment, they may also provide relief for your wallet! Last year consumers spent $15 billion on disposable water bottles. Some people prefer to buy bottled water because they think it is better for them than tap water but this is generally untrue. The water in plastic water bottles is, for the most part, tap water. We would encourage you to make the change if you are currently using plastic water bottles but if you do make the choice to use disposable bottles always recycle. Recycling one disposable bottle can create the energy needed to power a light bulb for six hours!
We hope that our new water bottle fountains give you the opportunity to live your life in a way that is just a little greener and healthier!

Written By: Chelsie Nelson

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