Going Green 101 – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Chicago Apartments, Going Green, Recycling Tips

New BLUE Bins in All PPM Buildings

Although Planned Property Management has always had a recycling program we have heard our residents’ requests loud and clear for a program that is more clear and easy to use. And we’re not just talking about it – we’re making the changes NOW. Your continued feedback is what makes Planned Property Management able to implement programs that better suit the needs of our residents. Currently, all Planned Property buildings are equipped with recycling containers. Most of the feedback from residents about the current recycling program was that the containers were not labeled in a clear way and also that they didn’t really know what could and couldn’t be recycled. Well, we’ve taken the initiative to fix both problems with the roll out of our next level recycling program at all buildings.
All Planned Property Management buildings have received new BLUE bins. These blue bins will be much easier to distinguish between the garbage dumpsters so that residents will not longer be confused about whether or not they’re getting their recycling to the correct place. In addition, each BLUE bin will be labeled with what can and cannot be recycled – and the lists may surprise you!
Chicago Apartments, Going Green, Recycling Tips
Another thing to keep in mind is that ONE item from the “DIRTY DOZEN” list can contaminate a whole bin so please be conscious of what you’re placing in the bins and when in doubt – throw it out!! Items that are recyclable should also be rinsed out before they are put into the BLUE recycle bins. We hope that you find the lists below helpful and our new and improved recycling program to be a clear and effective way to help you live a greener, healthier lifestyle!

Meet PPM’s Hipster Recycling Guy

Chicago Apartments, Going Green, Recycling Tips

Do’s & Don’ts

Chicago Apartments, Going Green, Recycling Tips
DIRTY DOZEN: (Items that CANNOT be recycled)
Plastic bags, film & Bubble Wrap
Food Waste
Greasy Cardboard & Paper (that means pizza boxes!!)
Electronics & Cords
Toner Cartridges
Used napkins, paper towels & tissues
Poly-lined beverage cups (Starbucks cups are a “NO!”)
Biodegradable or compostable plastics
Plastic cutlery, straws or other #6 plastics
Chicago Apartments, Going Green, Recycling Tips
Steel, Tin & Aluminum Cans
Plastic Bottles & Containers #1-5 & 7
Paper Cardboard, Dairy & Juice Containers
Flattened Cardboard & Paperboard
Glass Bottles & Jars

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  1. Good for you- -think green indeed! We MUST MAKE THIS WORK! Please let us know how things are going Thanks.

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