Going Green 101: PPM Embraces Bicyclists

Chicago Apartments, Bike-Friendly

This scenario has happened to me countless times: I’m on the bus, standing for 20 minutes, hot and sweaty wishing I was home. And then a bike speeds by the bus and I wonder why I’ve never tried it. Not only does biking provide a (usually) much quicker option for getting around the more congested areas of the city, it saves you money and also gets you active. And, if you’re like me, most of the time you’re too tired to work out when you get home and you make excuses. Well, what if your way home was a workout? Biking provides so many great incentives and another plus? It is a great way to help the environment. If you’re someone who is considering taking up biking as a part of your commute, as a hobby or maybe you’re already an avid bicyclist, PPM makes it easy for residents who choose to have a bike in the city. All of our buildings currently have bike racks or storage and even more updates, changes and expansion of those amenities are coming this summer. At PPM we think its important to support residents who want to choose a healthier, greener lifestyle and we think supporting those who choose to bike is a great way to do it.

100 miles of new bike lanes in Chicago by the year 2015

Chicago Apartments, Bike-Friendly
Not only is PPM a supporter of bicyclists, recently the City of Chicago has also made major plans to make the city more bike friendly. Currently Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a plan to construct one hundred miles of bike lanes in Chicago by the year 2015. A number of areas in the city will be affected including streets like Clybourn Ave, Diversey Ave, Adams St and Pershing Rd. The bike lanes will provide bicyclists with added protection by creating a barrier between them and vehicles. Having bike lanes encourages motorists to be aware of bicyclists and gives them added safety.
Chicago Apartments, Bike-Friendly
If you ride a bike in the city or are looking to start in the near future always follow traffic regulations and be overly cautious when riding. In addition, it’s important to have your bike in working order and regular tune-ups are necessary. We’ve done some research on some of the best bike shops in the neighborhoods where our residents are located and we encourage you to take your bike in for a tune-up as the weather gets nicer. Remember that biking can provide a way for you to save money on public transportation and also live a greener, healthier lifestyle. And if you’re a PPM resident, there is no need to worry about where you’ll keep your bike because all of our buildings are equipped with bicycle racks or storage!!
City of Chicago Bike Maps:

Written By: Chelsie Nelson

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