Gino’s East

Chicago Apartments, Gino's East

Gino’s East

2801 N. Lincoln Ave


Nothing feeds the soul (and the stomach) better on a freezing cold Chicago day than deep dish Chicago Pizza AND nobody does it better than Gino’s East.  So on a recent frigid Chicago afternoon we headed over to Gino’s East @ 2801 N. Lincoln (on the border of Lakeview and Lincoln Park) – did we mention they have free parking – for the ultimate comfort food – Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!

We all know deep dish takes a while to make so we ordered immediately (a large w/ sausage, green peepers, onions and mushrooms) and tried some appetizers.  We were pleasantly surprised at how the flavorful BBQ wings fell of the bone – DELICIOUS!  We also liked the cheesy garlic bread sticks. Chicago Apartments, Gino's East

The star arrived piping hot in 40 minutes and it was well worth the wait!  First up the crust – cornbread flavored – crunch and perfect!  We loved the spicy crumbled Italian Sausage distributed perfectly throughout the pie!  Layers of gooey cheese and fresh vegetables completed the perfect pizza! Chicago Apartments, Gino's East

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