Get Out Of The Sun And Into Our Pools

We’re just going to go ahead and state the obvious and say it is HOT outside. Instead of waiting until June 21st to officially announce the beginning of summer, we’ll just boldly state that it is here and it isn’t going anywhere for a few months. No worries, PPM has three amazing pools, and plenty of roof top sun decks that will make you the envy of your pool-less, deck-less friends. While they’re trying to stay cool with their snow cones and freeze pops, you can splash around 32 stories above Chicago and show summer who’s boss.
But hey, talk is cheap, so why don’t we show you our awesome “summer-friendly amenities” and you can decide for yourself if you would rather sit in front of an AC all summer and watch re-runs of Glee, or maybe you’d rather cool down, swim around and meet some hot neighbors that can show you the proper way to beat the heat.

Pools and Decks in Gold Coast

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