Get Caught up with Frank

“Hey its me FRANK, PPM’s top dog! Here are all my videos in case you’ve missed one! Make sure to stay tuned as i bring the people what they want, MORE FRANK!”
Week 1: Meet Frank

week 2: The New And Improved Frank

Week 3: Frank’s Big Announcement

Week 4: Frank’s First Accident

Week 5: It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

Week 6: Frank Sings His New Theme Song

Week 7: Frank Wins His Award

Week 8: Frank Is “The Special of the Day.”

Week 9: Kick Me I’m Irish

Week 10: Frank In One Of PPM’s Business Centers

Week 11: Frank Closes The Deal With Debbie Donut

Week 12: Frank Channels Hairy Carey

Week 13: Frank meets Carl Cucumber

Week 14: Frank’s First Alien Abduction

Week 15: Frank Gets Invited To The Royal Wedding

Week 16: Frank Gets S#!% On

Week 17: Frank Runs In To His Sister Oprah

Week 18: Frank Moves In

Week 19: Frank Goes For A  Swim

Week 20: Frank Shows You His Weiner

Week 21: Frank Goes Tanning

Week 22: Frank On Luau

Week 23: The Best Of Frank

Week 24: Frank Vs. Watermelon

Week 25: Frank Explores Lincoln Park Bars

Week 25: Frank Takes One the Economy

Week 25: Frank Goes Viral

Week 26: Frank Pumps UP

Week 26: Frank Gets Treated

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