4 Fun Games To Play With Your Cat

games to play with your cat

Cats are playful by nature—it’s one of the reasons we love them. Playtime is essential to your cat’s health, as it keeps kitties stimulated and active. Without it, your cat may take her frustrations out in other ways (like clawing at your couch, for example). The good news is that cats are easy to please and can be entertained for hours by simple items like a paper ball or cardboard box. If you’re wondering about what games to play with your cat, here are our best suggestions.

games to play with your cat

Games To Play With Your Cat


Dogs aren’t the only pets that enjoy a game of fetch. Lots of cats love it, too. The reason may be a cat’s biological instinct for hunting and chasing prey. You don’t need much to get this game started—a crinkled ball of paper will work just fine. Give it a throw in front of your cat, and you may be pleasantly surprised when they return it to you. If they do, reward them with lots of treats and pets so they learn to love the game. And if fetch doesn’t work out with your kitty, they’ll still have fun playing with the crinkled paper ball.

DIY Puzzle Box Game

Another way to play with your cat is to give them a puzzle to solve. If you have a cardboard box, cat treats, and a few small cat toys, you can make a DIY puzzle for your kitty. All you’ll need to do is cut various-sized holes into the box, place the treats and cat toys inside, and tape the top of the box shut. This creates a little puzzle game for your cat as they work to get their toys and treats out from the box. Tip: if your cat doesn’t show interest in the box right away, catnip usually helps.

String Game

As we said, it doesn’t take much to impress a cat. Sometimes, all you need is a string. One of the easiest games you can play with your cat is to tempt them with a string that she’ll want to chase. Bonus points if you attach a feather to the end of the string. You can make these toys yourself, or you can purchase them for cheap on sites like Chewy.com.

Walk Your Cat

Not all cats like leashes, but the ones that do tend to love them. If your cat is the adventurous type, you may want to purchase a cat leash and try taking them on a walk. Just be careful — the sights and sounds of the outside world may be overwhelming to your kitty, especially at first. Be slow with your introduction to cat walks, and if your kitty isn’t enjoying it, don’t force anything. The healthy and safety of your kitty should be top-priority.

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