Fun Games to Play with Friends Online

Games to Play with Friends Online

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we’re still looking for ways to connect with loved ones virtually. We’ve had virtual happy hours, celebrated holidays through screens, and caught up with friends and family on Zoom and FaceTime. Recently, we started looking into games to play with friends online. Here are a few we’ve had success with so far.

Games to Play with Friends Online


Are you a pictionary fan? Then you’ll love Skribbl. The rules are pretty much the same — You’ll choose from three words when it’s your turn to draw, and others will have to guess right. When you’re the one guessing, you’ll just need to type your guesses into the chat.

Words with Friends 2

You may be familiar with Words with Friends. But have you checked out Words with Friends 2 yet? The newest version of the game lets you “unscramble letters, train your brain and indulge in a plethora or word games and puzzles,” according to the app’s description. Download it to your phone to start playing.


If you prefer classics, go for Scrabble. You can play the game on The site also lets you play solo, so you can brush up on your spelling skills before challenging a friend to a duel. Browse their extensive selection for more games to play with friends online.


Another classic, UNO is always a good time. While it won’t be as fun as those in-person games, virtual UNO is the next best thing. Play the app from Apple or Google Play, and plan a virtual game night with friends to hold you over until you can party in person again.


Feeling nostalgic? How about a game of Yahtzee? With the app version of the game, you can play it with friends dice-free.


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