Fun Ways To Use Mason Jars In Your Apartment

Chicago Apartments, Mason Jar Uses

Mason jars have been used to preserve fruits and veggies since the 1800s. But in 2015, mason jars’ popularity exploded. Since then, people have been finding fun new ways to utilize the traditional glass mason jar, specifically for home or entertaining purposes. We’re a big fan ourselves, so we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to use mason jars, from home storage to decor.

Chicago Apartments, Mason Jar SaladMason Jar Salads

When it comes to meal prep, it doesn’t get better than mason jar salads. They check all the boxes: They’re healthy, easy to put together, and can last all week long. Depending on the types of ingredients you use in your salad, these meals are also budget-friendly.

You can find many mason jar salad recipes online, but here’s the basic procedure you’ll need to follow.

  1. Start by pouring your desired dressing into the bottom of the mason jar. This will ensure you don’t end up with a soggy, wilted salad.
  2. Next, you’ll want to add the most “compact” veggies or other additions (like quinoa) in your salad, layering them on top of each other. Common ingredients include chopped veggies, carrot shreds, and beans. Be sure to push down each layer to make room for more.
  3. The last layer of the salad will be your greens. 

Chicago Apartments, Mason Jar GardenMason Jars For Indoor Gardening

Mason jars are ideal vessels for an indoor herb garden. Their small size and rounded shape make them perfect pots for herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme, and mint. They’re also an affordable option when compared to more heavy-duty pots. Their also small in stature and readily available. You’ll only need a few materials to get started with your own mason jar herb garden. Check out HGTV’s guide to mason jar gardening here. In addition to herb gardens, mason jars can also be used for growing small houseplants. Forgo a traditional pot or hanger and use a mason jar instead for a unique look.

Chicago Apartments, Mason Jar TerrariumMason Jar Terrariums

Mason jars also make ideal terrariums. They’re a perfect size and shape for displaying small plants, such as succulents and air plants, which are commonly found in terrariums. Making your own terrariums can sometimes be a little costly, so using a mason jar is a good way to save some cash.

Chicago Apartments, Bathroom StorageBathroom Storage & Accessories

Another one of our favorite ways to use mason jars at home is to utilize them in your bathroom. While they can be used for storage in any room, they offer the most benefit in bathrooms. That’s because bathrooms tend to house small items that fit well inside a mason jar. You can use them as a toothbrush holder, cotton ball container, or q-tip holder. An added bonus is that they’re see-through, so it’s easy to keep track of when you’re running low on any particular item. Mason jars are also cheaper than typical bathroom storage accessories, making them an affordable option.

Chicago Apartments, Mason Jar DrinksMason Jars Glasses

Who doesn’t love a mason jar margarita? Many bars and restaurants serve drinks in mason jars nowadays. But, this trick isn’t just for evenings out. You can easily create cool cocktails and summery drinks with the help of a mason jar. Just add a paper straw, and you’ll be impressing your guests with little extra effort. Try out one of these cocktails in a mason jar the neck time you’re serving drinks at home.

Chicago Apartments, Mason Jar LightsMason Jar DIY Night Light

Mason jars are also great for DIY projects. One of our favorites is this mason jar nightlight. It’s super simple to make, and it will help create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. The look of this completed nightlight may take you back to your childhood days of catching fireflies in a jar.

Chicago Apartments, Mason Jar VaseMason Jar Vase

Fresh blooms add a touch of charm to any room. Now that it’s summertime, bringing florals into your home is a great way to celebrate the season. If you don’t own a vase, that’s no problem — mason jars work wonderfully. Keep your mason jar clear, or consider decorating it to create a more artful looking vase. No matter your style, you can create a mason jar vase that complements your apartment’s vibe.


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